• Blind Of Success

    slowly I moved
    to and fro to and fro 
    then faster and faster ... more »

  • Calls Of Yearn

    gently through the night
    with calls of yearn
    for a word of lights
    for a sight of agreement.... more »

  • I Fear What I Feel

    Each day of my life I pray
    that pains be no more
    and sorry be not for lovers of me
    but I fear what I feel... more »

  • I Have Learnt Of Them

    Cruising out at dawn with smiley faces
    they show figures of happy people
    with riches in appearance
    they turn the world into their foothold... more »

  • I Love To See You Dance

    I love to see you dance
    Moving your legs in bliss
    Wishing to have they stare
    Your love is rare... more »

  • It Wasn't My Wish To Let Go

    It wasn't my wish to let go,
    After months and years of being gay
    To a summary of differences
    Created by indeferences.... more »

  • Life's Support

    Clear views of awe
    Making one for a Popinjay
    For the admired to admire
    The support of life... more »

  • Mama

    If angels were human
    You are the angel of my life
    When I wake to boring mornings... more »

  • Masked

    In the hint of time I stare
    Looking beyond country walls with fear
    That I may not see the fair
    Representation of my dare... more »

  • She Goes Running

    There she was,
    Brave on site,
    With never ending heights
    And protruding heads... more »

  • She Plays Hard To Get

    Admiring, I choose to love
    Chasing after the signs of love
    And longing for a chance
    But she plays hard to get... more »

  • Smiles

    It covered my face so well
    As I walked between the walls.
    Laughter and confidence was my own
    And that I never owed.... more »

  • That Which I Seek

    My promise to risk it all
    With planned frowns to test
    The heart of that which I seek... more »