• I Hope You Know

    In this world of confusion
    Where will my heart lead me to be?
    In a state of illusions
    Where will my heart lead?... more »

  • Its Tough

    I shed these tears of confusion,
    My goals seem to be an illusion.
    There's someone missing in my life,
    Who was always there and helped me survive.... more »

  • Life Is Worth It

    A moment spent angry or sad is a potential
    moment of happiness wasted.
    failure is the result of every opportunity, in which someone hesitated.
    love just isnt love, if you dont know what you're love is for,... more »

  • Lost

    You said 'me and you,
    you and me, that's the way it'll always be'
    but lately it really seems
    that i've been alone through everything.... more »

  • Reasons To Survive

    When you are thrown onto the ground,
    you have to get back up.
    for no one can live your life but you,
    or stop you from getting what you want.... more »

  • The Other Way Around

    Remember where you came from
    Remember where you've been
    Remember who you are, Remember back when
    Forget the pointless... more »