I tend to be a pretty emotional person, and I find that the need to be heard is almost as overwhelming as losing your voice in this world. Poetry is one of my outlets. I enjoy when people understand my words, relate to them, and find inspiration. As long as I know there is someone out there reading my mind, I am content with baring it.


Desy Newbill Poems


To really love
You've gotta grow up
Love is selfless
And unconditional... more »

I Am Nothing

How great is God, that he brought me to this world
I am nothing, a small, weak, little girl
God is the definition of love and strength
How amazing it is, that I am here today... more »

Friday The 13th

We live in different worlds
But here on my side of the universe
Happiness is found in purity
Independence and self security... more »

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