• Almost Forgot

    Before this light set in.
    A torch to push you out.
    You drowned me every moment.
    And filled my soul with doubt.... more »

  • An Early Path Chosen

    The lights are passing by.
    Blurred and bright and many.
    I see the signs of life.
    Indifferent and unending.... more »

  • Darkness

    The fading in and out of days.

    This character and scene we play.... more »

  • Dear Xgf

    Sitting on the edge of a dock at midnight.
    Just staring out into the ocean of blackness, made up of water and sky.
    The wind whipping at my hair and bare feet.
    The gentle song of water lapping against the solid ground behind us.... more »

  • Falling Up

    Shadows fall around my visage broken.
    Sinking into me.
    Trapt inside my body, god has spoken.
    I drift into the sea.... more »

  • Fire

    The crackle of disintegrated timber.

    The glistening of the trees.... more »

  • Help Me

    Yes, you know I’m here.
    I oft drift through your mind.
    Into my broken world you peer.
    But never like what you find.... more »

  • Infinite

    As each day passes, and the sun comes up a new.
    I look into the sky, and wonder what is true.
    Breathing deep the new days air, it tastes just like the old.
    Everyone is stuck here, doing what there told.... more »

  • My Life

    This poem is the sum of my life.
    'I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams.”... more »

  • Ode To The Poet

    Life beyond sight

    The darkness lying flat.... more »

  • Puppet

    The stage is dark.
    The curtains rise.
    I step out.
    The silence dies.... more »

  • Release

    My mind is oil.
    Black and suffocating.
    It taints my thoughts.
    My heart is a stone.... more »

  • See Me

    I sit here thinking.
    Listening to my hope.
    Breathing in sharply.
    My heart and mind elope.... more »

  • Shallow Minds

    The depth of the soul is something that can’t be measured.
    Like the roots of a massive tree.
    People see the limbs. The outer scars and wounds.
    And they think they know it. They think they understand.... more »

  • Sweet Silence

    Eyes closed, and veins open.
    I stare into the darkness.
    The deepness that consumes me.
    My downfall, my purpose.... more »

  • Thoughts Into The Ocean

    Drifting into open water.
    Into that lazy sea.
    All the shame and guilt,
    comes flowing out of me.... more »

  • Torn Asunder

    I sit here quietly, contended and content.
    Just another dreary day, my mind full of dissent.
    But something odd is taking place, a chemical reaction.
    And deep inside my mind, I can feel the warring faction.... more »

  • Under The Deep

    Pressed tight.
    No light.
    Can’t breathe.
    Far beneath.... more »