• Autumn Haiku

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  • Believe In Me

    You always had your heart on your sleeve
    But I always needed you to believe
    You said we could do it all together forever
    But who knew forever didn't last that long... more »

  • Breathe Today

    We're done but it's not over
    We'll start it again
    It keeps getting better and better
    don’t be afraid we'll do it together... more »

  • Compatible

    Compatible, a love that has past
    So many memories of a lost love
    Flashback of a dream.
    Soft music with a sad sad melody,... more »

  • Everything's Not Lost

    Exerted with a portion of a kiss
    You take my breathe
    Now we stand here with nothing as of word to say
    As you leave in the deep shadows of my mind... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    Once I was full of hurts
    No hope no love
    everything in me was so empty and
    Dark, I was caught there were... more »

  • Good And Broken

    When will it be our turn?
    Let the world hear our voice
    We have repair our broken chain
    Take a stand don't restrain... more »

  • Haiku

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  • Life, Love, Laugh, Cry, Poetry (That's Life)

    We go through life not always knowing the answers
    to every question we ask. We always try to look
    for the right answers in all the wrong places.... more »

  • Looking In

    I see you through the window
    Looking in trying to find you’re in life,
    You wonder what you live for
    If there's nothing out there for you... more »

  • More Than This

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  • My Abyss

    My Abyss
    Sitting in a black hole letting time go by
    Being me myself and I
    Not worrying about anything or anyone... more »

  • My Resoulution

    My resolution
    My resolution is to forget
    Everything about you.
    All the things you made me go through.... more »

  • Over Rated

    Who said that love was over rated?
    How can you compare love to hate
    Why shouldn’t love be like a summer’s day?
    And anger be rained away... more »

  • Roses Thorn

    Evolve... more »

  • Running Away

    Why can't we live and just be free
    Just you and me in the world
    Don’t need nobody telling who to
    Because we'll make it on our own... more »

  • Serenity

    I never wanted to fall in love
    because it was a hurt
    than you come in my life
    you give me that what... more »

  • Shadow

    Footsteps on a long dark road
    As a mysterious shape follows close up behind
    A never-ending dream,
    you’ll become a part of me,... more »

  • So I Thought

    So I thought that we were supposed to be in love
    But then again maybe you’re the one to blame
    I thought that what I gave was enough
    But you just played life as a game... more »

  • Solitude

    My World it’s my solitude and life
    I can be myself and let go
    I can come alive and show the real me
    My poetry is my savior and a place of heartache,... more »

  • Spring Haiku

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  • Summer Haiku

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  • Unforgettable Memory

    You are embedded in my heart
    When I’m asleep you’re always there
    When I am walking on a winter’s day
    You footprints follow me through the air... more »