• A Faltu Thought...

    Once scatter your time according to its need
    Pick your favourite one, which is important indeed

    Think for a while and measure the depth... more »

  • A Flower

    A flower...
    A flower has withered...!
    Who did this?
    Why it is shriveled?... more »

  • Be A Human

    On an other day
    I was sitting on my lawn
    doing summation and subtractions
    of life, what I have done.... more »

  • Bee

    A small tiny bee
    Moves around on sea
    Looking for something…
    Silver container might be!... more »

  • Can Not You See! ! !

    Being annoyed for a long day,
    I missed my own way,
    I could not recognize even
    what is night and what is day!... more »

  • Color God

    Oh Rainbow… You are a Rainbow.
    How to show and what to show!
    You are the color God, ‘Oh Rainbow... more »

  • Creation, 'Wonderful'!

    A beautiful world
    a wonderful creation
    the creator has created
    valuable in time motion.... more »

  • Dog

    Makes a round of its area
    And sat near to the drain-
    Opened its mouth and started fumbling
    Neither in tension nor in pain... more »

  • Dream

    My heart…
    An uncontrolled heart
    Committed countless mistakes
    Appraisal is valueless... more »

  • Enjoy

    One, two, three, four, five
    Just enjoy your life
    Life is very short
    You have to do a lot... more »

  • Fact

    Some thing is being there
    since my beginning...
    No one can change that
    let's see what is happening.... more »

  • Flame

    Oh Friend It is not a blaze
    It is not here to damage
    The flame burns for different cause
    It has other work of course.... more »

  • Go On

    Life means change
    In a certain range
    Time is the eye witness
    Of bullish-bearish exchange... more »

  • God

    Great! Lord, you are great.
    What a creation!
    What a thought!
    All brains in confusion
    But, praising you a lot... more »

  • Gold And Women

    Gold… gold… gold…
    Learn the skill how to hold

    Ladies speak when gold speaks... more »

  • Home Return

    I had a penny…
    But I have lost
    Have you got that?
    ‘Cause I need most.... more »

  • Honey Honey

    Honey honey, the day is sunny
    I checked my a/c I have money
    Lets go on driving all way
    What is night and what is day... more »

  • I Am Culprit

    Laugh at me… I am a stupid.
    Punish me… I am the culprit.... more »

  • I'M A Murderer

    I am a criminal … I am a crook
    Punish me… unexcused sin I book.... more »

  • I'M The Same Person

    I am also a Human
    I have a father, I have a mother
    I have friends, brother and Sister.
    I have a society as all stays... more »

  • Is It The Beautiful World?

    I came out from mother's abdomen
    I found a beautiful world
    Mother guided me for a human... more »

  • It Is Life

    Oh dear, it is life...

    'Bad always rules over good'
    This thing you should understood.... more »

  • Jay Don'T Like

    The volume of our distance is increasing day to day
    There is no sound, no light and empty all the way.... more »

  • K... I Lost

    I lost... She lost... We lost and our heart lost.
    Oh’ Society at your social and traditional cost.

    Now our face will be considered as a culprit in love.... more »

  • Let Me Die

    Oh God! Let me die
    Oh God! Let me die
    Kill me, do not keep me alive
    It is too tough to survive... more »