• . Ek Ken Jou Nie, Maar Ek Ken Jou Soms.

    Jy ken my nie, maar ek ken jou soms

    Jou woorde is my kompas noord
    En die seerower kruis op my hartkaart.... more »

  • . Kook!

    ‘n Rissie pit, om die bloed te geur
    Hartsafraan, verleen eksotiese kleur
    Nou kook ons in ons warm kombuis
    Die geur van liefde hang in ons huis.... more »

  • . Pletterstop*

    Die telefoon zoem soos 'n woedende perdeby
    en die angel in jou stem, spreek van slegte gety!

    Jy, die een wat my bloed laat vloei,... more »

  • . Sterre Wag

    In die laaste oomblik van die dag,
    voor die eerste sekonde van die nag,
    vat ek jou hand in my hand
    en ly jou oor die rant, na die waterkant.... more »

  • . Verlange

    Is dit ook koud vanaand by jou huis
    Soos wat dit koud is hier by myne?
    En skyn dieselfde maan ook op jou
    Soos wat hy skyn hier op my?... more »

  • .heart!

    Heart! Stop your longing!
    It is not your place to keep me awake at night!
    Just sit there, heavy in my chest,
    And keep your foolish dreams to yourself!... more »

  • .my Heart Have Eyes

    My heart have eyes, that see farther than mine,
    that peer through the mist of doubt that surround us,
    and while I stumble, it can see the way clearly.
    Eyes that gaze back to now and sparkle with knowledge,... more »

  • .take A Breath

    Take a breath before you speak my name,
    and say it like it is the last word in the world,
    Let me listen to your gentle voice, my Love.
    Intoxicate me with the soft tones from your tongue,... more »

  • .the Secret Words

    You make me want to write.

    Not the safe, friendly words of the light,
    But the dark forbidden words of the night.... more »

  • A Soldier Is Dead

    I was just a man.
    I was not cruel or heartless.
    I did not live with hate.
    I merely did what you asked.... more »

  • An Unsent Letter

    Sometimes, when I am all alone with my thoughts
    I will suddenly look inside myself, and find nothing.
    But then the smell of your hair or the sound of your voice
    would rise up from the depths of my being... more »

  • At Night

    I miss you most at night, I think.
    In the last few moments before you sleep,
    when a hard day's work and a tired mind,
    drew back the curtains of your soul.... more »

  • Bits Of You

    You ask me if I love you, even a little bit,
    and I reply....no.

    I love you lots of bits.... more »

  • Choices

    Behind empty eyes,
    in a restless mind,
    thrown about in violent turmoil,
    lives a vanquished soul.... more »

  • Complete

    I have stood where angels fly,
    and I have crawled where demons sleep.

    I fought with lions,... more »

  • Darkness

    Where do you hide,
    when the cold night surrounds you?
    Where do you run to,
    when loneliness stalks you?... more »

  • Do You Fight?

    Do you fight the aproaching night,
    or do you accept the next mornings' dawn,
    basking in the newness of the day?... more »

  • Everything

    Every bird that you see,
    know, it was sent by me,
    to search for you.... more »

  • Lost At Sea

    I am lost at sea.
    In a wilderness of salt.
    Rising and falling with the tide,
    and all I recall is the motion.... more »

  • My Disease

    Africa...My heartland...

    My Siren's song.
    My summer storm... more »

  • One Last Cast

    'Ian, this is my last cast to you.
    If a man is known by his friends, then I am a better man today.'

    This is for all the rivers never fished... more »

  • Our House

    'For Vanessa'

    I lost 'our' house today
    The house that we picked together... more »

  • Ripped

    I ripped myself out of your life
    and I left the wounds open to bleed.
    The blood seeped into the ink,
    and the ink became the pain on the page.... more »

  • Salvation

    Are you my salvation?
    Or am I yours?
    You push me away,
    When I know that you are in need.... more »

  • Stone Angels

    ' Stone angels are found all over the world, standing at the head of fallen soldiers graves. This is poem is for all those soldiers, you are not forgotten.'

    Behind old, rusting gates.
    Between a congregation of long sealed fates.... more »