DB Diamond Bryan 05-27-1992

Hi my name is Diamond Bryan. I was born on May 27th in Bronx, New York. I enjoy writing poetry for many reasons. One reason I like to write poetry is because it allows a person to express many feeling that may be hard to say directly. I feel that when writing poetry using metaphors and similes can really be helpful in expressing true feelings. Not all poets use metaphors and similes but they can be considered as a tool of success when expressing yourself. Poetry helps to understand how someone feels deep inside without them saying it. I feel that when reading someone’s poem you are allowing yourself to get to know the person and how they feel without doing it intentionally. Poetry helps me to release deep thoughts and feelings that I keep to myself. It also helps me to release information that I keep to myself out for others to know. It helps to take stress away because keeping to many things bottled up inside can make a person go crazy and become really stressed. So therefore I felt the need to find a way to express my feelings without saying it directly. Poetry was my way and the key to less stress and less bottled up information for me to hold inside.



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