• 10 Practical Uses For The Words 'Excuse Me'

    10 Practical uses for the words 'Excuse Me':

    You reach over or across someone
    You step over or across someone... more »

  • A Gift For Kanye

    As a little girl at the tender age of five
    I loved to play when the sun was high in the sky
    But one day the clouds covered the sun and I realized
    That was the end of my fun... more »

  • A New Friend

    It feels so right
    Our first date on our first night
    Wishin we could stay this way forever
    That you will never leave... more »

  • Best Friends

    You disguise your hate as love
    Over and over in your mind
    You beat me and eat me alive
    Leave me to die... more »

  • Couldn'T Imagine

    I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else in my life
    Now I have to imagine myself without you in my life
    Forced to re-up, don’t know where to remain
    Full of disdain but won’t complain... more »

  • Desperation In Acrostic

    Doing whatever it takes
    Even if it means compromising myself to
    Submit and
    Please you... more »

  • Deviate

    These evil demons keep stressing me
    I feel I’m about to go insane
    People shady, can’t rely on them
    Can only depend on myself, no one else to blame... more »

  • Enough

    I can’t understand why
    I thought we would be
    I thought we could be
    I thought I was your number one... more »

  • Flower

    I’ll be your flower, baby
    Let me bring you joy
    Plant the seed and watch me grow
    Nurture me, water me, and give me attention... more »

  • Greater Is He

    Greater is He who is in me
    I'm grateful for each day that you give to me
    Greater is He who is in me
    I thank you for my family & friends that you've sent to me... more »

  • Half Full

    It was me against the world
    But you made the world seem brighter
    U quieted in me
    That which was a fighter... more »

  • How Can I?

    How can I tell that you are just not in love anymore
    And how can I tell you that I know it
    Without all of the fussin and fights
    Without adding apples to your sight... more »

  • Just Ask Me To Leave

    Just ask me to leave
    And leave me alone

    Don’t cheat on me... more »

  • La Gentillesse Et La Politesse

    'You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar! ' It is no coincidence that that also is the title of my most recent book (©2006 Diamond Girl Publishing) . My mother used to tell my sisters and me that same saying over and over again when we were young, and as we grew into beautiful ladies, on the inside and out.

    So, since when did it become cute, ok, or 'acceptable' to be mean, vicious, malicious, spiteful, attitudinal, conniving, selfish, and deceitful? Since when? Since never! ! ! And it is not cute to not have manners and to use foul language. It actually makes you look really stupid and really crass and low class. And it reveals a deep, inner, self-loathsome spirit that you are trying so desperately to hide! And you wonder why people don't want to be bothered with you...... more »

  • Most High

    Where would I be
    Without you in my life
    I would be nowhere
    Without you I am nothing... more »

  • Mystique

    Can you tell me what it is
    about your sweet kiss, your lips, your eyes
    that makes me smile
    Maybe its your smell, your swag, your style... more »

  • Playing Games

    Splish splash
    Ooh ooh wee
    Flip flop
    You will see... more »

  • Samedi

    It’s Saturday night, On my way to the club
    Got my girls, We the hottest of the Hot
    Each ridin on dubs
    This flashy guy caught my eye, He... more »

  • Take The High Road: To The Youth And Young Adults

    fighting is so stupid
    im so tired of hearing about it and seeing it every single day
    you think its cute but its really not
    you make yourself look really dumb... more »

  • The D

    I would like to know
    what you were like before
    the D... more »

  • Thought You Had Me Open

    Beat me, Accuse me, Blame me
    Got me feelin like an abused woman
    Battered, Domestic violence
    Affected morale, Tried to manipulate me... more »

  • Victory

    I see the grave of Emmett Till shaking
    I hear the voices of all the unsung heroes of the fight
    Who never gave up, never gave in
    Til the very end... more »

  • What Does Love Mean To You?

    What does Love mean to You?

    What does love mean to you without loyalty?... more »

  • When Is Love Enough?

    When is love enough?

    trust... more »

  • Where Do We Go From Here

    How did we come to this?
    (Where do we go from here?)

    Written by Diamond Jones... more »