Diana González Biography

1. I am now 19 years of age my full name is Diana de la Mota González. I am Fluent in Spanish and raised as a Catholic.
2. Physical Description: I am short around 5'1'', have fair skin color, my eye color is a brownish and have dark brown hair.
3. Personal Description: I am sociable always, and only when I am respected, I can be aggressive when I am aggravated.
4. Activities That I Like: The activities that I like are to dance with family and friends, I also like to hear all types of music, and I like to shop.
5. Activities That I Dislike: The activities that I dislike are house chores, and I hate to argue with my family.
6. The Profession that I want To Study: The profession that I plan to study is World Dance (I love the idea of being a professional dancer) . I also have my diploma in fitness and nutrition.

I have attended a private school since the first grade. I have graduated from Garces Memorial High School in Bakersfield, Ca. I love to write poetry of all kinds of genre. The most random things inspire me. I love to compete especially at dancing last year I even won first place in a dancing competition athough winning is not everything it feels good to try your best and win!

1. Diana de la Mota González,19 (edad)
2. Descripción física: Soy bajita, mi compleción es blanca, mis ojos son color café con toy mi pelo.
3. Descripción personal: Soy sociable siempre y cuando me respetan, puedo ser agresiva sí soy agredida.
4. Actividades que me gustan: Las actividades que me gustan hacer es bailar con familia y con amigos, también me gusta escuchar música de todas clases, pero lo que más me gusta es ir de compras.
5. Actividades que no me gustan: No me gusta hacer el aseo de casa, y odio discutir con mi familia.
6. La profesión que pienso estudiar: La profesión que pienso estudiar es baile, y trngo mi diploma en entrenadora personal para la condición física y nutricion.