• Bedtime With You!

    When you are gone the sun has set,
    And night has come for us to rest.
    I dream of you, you tell me things
    And nothing else is there to hear,... more »

  • Being With You

    ... more »

  • Emotions

    What are emotions? (Agitation of passions and sensibilities)
    Should one’s emotions get the best of one?... more »

  • If I Could Turn Back Time

    If I could turn back time and change the way you behaved yesterday it would have been the perfect day.
    Why did you have to act up on such an important date…my birthday?
    The guy you jumped was my cousin, he was just saying hi.... more »

  • Mistakes

    ... more »

  • Our Little Love Talks

    On the telephone we talk, talk, talk,
    When I see you I say 'hi',... more »

  • Prince Charming

    If I meet the one,
    My Prince charming,
    Will I know it?... more »

  • Tell Me,

    Tell me truly,
    Tell me please,
    Tell me all about you see,
    Is it a love call or a dream,... more »

  • Things

    ... more »

  • Two Sides

    Love can be both good and bad
    Just like everything else, love has two sides
    You can't have one without the other
    Why is life set like this?... more »

  • When I... (5 Senses)

    When I look into your eyes I know you are real
    When I touch you I feel your warmth... more »

  • Why Are Some Questions Never Fully Answered?

    What is one do to…
    Some ideas never come to a finish?
    Why is that so?
    Are we suppose to try harder to figure it out?... more »

  • Why?

    Is love suppose to overcome all obstacles?
    If so why all the drama and tears?... more »