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The Master Artist

The artist’s tray was loaded with colors, each pastel waiting for its turn:
Hues of indigo blues lie impatiently, sparks of carmine seemed to burn.
While English chrome colors lay in anticipation for the Master’s touch.
The yellow ochre pansies readied to fill the void on the painter’s scene.... more »

Days Gone By

My footsteps echo as I walk into barren rooms of days gone by
Rooms that I’m seldom able to enter without a long, sad sigh.
These rooms share countless stories, now mere wisps in the air
Whispered words from dark corners drifting from here to there.... more »

I'M A Marine

I was at a website earlier today and a lady was asking if anyone knew of a Marine
poem since her son was being deployed. My husband was a very proud Marine and I thought it was a shame that she didn't
know of any Marine poems so within a few hours I had written one:... more »

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