• "I am a shadow…"

    I am a shadow crossing ice
    I am rusting knife in the water
    I am pear tree bitten by frost
    I uphold the mountain with my hand... more »

  • "she is the wind…"

    she is the wind you never leave behind
    black cat you killed in empty lot, she is
    smell of the summer weeds, the one who lurks... more »

  • An Exercise in Love

    for Jackson Allen
    My friend wears my scarf at his waist
    I give him moonstones
    He gives me shell & seaweeds... more »

  • Buddhist New Year Song

    I saw you in green velvet, wide full sleeves
    seated in front of a fireplace, our house
    made somehow more gracious, and you said
    "There are stars in your hair"— it was truth I... more »

  • City Lights 1961

    Going there for the first time
    it was so much smaller then
    that crowded downstairs full of poetry
    racks of tattered little mags against the wall... more »

  • First Snow, Kerhonkson

    for Alan
    This, then, is the gift the world has given me
    (you have given me)
    softly the snow... more »

  • Lilith Of The Stars

    for there is another Lilith, not made for earth
    of whom it is said / that when she is seen by men
    it is as vapour / a plague / a cacophony... more »

  • Paracelsus:

    Extract the juice which is itself a Light.

    Pulp, manna, gentle
    Theriasin, ergot... more »

  • Some Lies About The Loba

    that she is eternal, that she sings
    that she is star-born, that she gathers crystal
    that she can be confused with Isis... more »

  • Song for Baby-O, Unborn

    when you break thru
    you'll find... more »

  • The Loba Longs For Remembrance In The Bardo

    Shall we say that the streets were littered
    w/ half-eaten food
    dry leaves, debris of plastic & paper... more »

  • The Window

    you are my bread
    and the hairline
    of my bones... more »