• Cutting Room Floor

    In a long lost plot twist,
    the Wizard of Oz gets pregnant
    and gives birth to a lone bat
    who learns the family trick... more »

  • Dad

    Off he would go before we awoke,
    plunging into dark mornings, invisible
    as the large trout he swore lurked deep
    in shadow under riverbank shelves of stone.... more »

  • Moving To The Motor City, '62

    That year baby brother released
    the parking brake on the station wagon,
    bashing a parked Cadillac across a street
    made of basketweave brick.... more »

  • Reading Anne Sexton

    Amid the dull whine of leafblowers
    by which this block sets its ordinary clock
    a drama occurs. My neighbor Leon
    is felled by a stroke. His Avon lady... more »