Diane Hine 25 July 1956

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I liked your way in writing, you are poems are really enjoyable.. thanks for you.
Diane Hine Diane- Down-Under has been a clerk, but, Lord knows, she is sure no jerk. She does come up with real cool stuff. I never leave her writings in a huff. [To please her Readers, she does not shirk.] The next five lines (for me) may be tough; excuse me please, Readers, if it is rough. [If I can get through it, it will PERK …. me up.] She writes both of science AND of fluff, NOT too much of either, but “just enough”. I picture her standing on a windswept bluff, her speech softly female, never gruff, her words more full of play than of work.. (i was inspired to write this after reading Diane's Rondeau: Cycle)
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
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