DD Dianna Drinkard


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A voice from the distant past is calling your name A voice of young love lost and forgotten A voice screaming we're going to crash A voice saying oh my god we're on a VW Bug A voice from a security guard saying who's your parents A voice from a mother saying your never going to see that boy again A voice from a father saying how could you let that girl drive your car A voice silenced and forced to move on with life. A voice with a story of first love lost. 1979 I'm not much of a poet, but do you remember a night like that? If you don't, then you're not the Dianna Drinkard I knew or the one that knew Scott Freshner and his 1968 Chevelle Malibu. If this is you, HOW ARE YOU DOING! ! ! ! ! ! A friend of mine writes poetry and had me look up one of them. I saw this name from the past and left a comment at your poem. It's been a few months. You must have never read it or Ignored it, which I would understand if you don't want to contact me. But if you would like to chat, I'll be looking forward to your email. Scott Freshner