• Awareness

    He sits there in his silent world unable to hear a sound
    It seems as if his eyes are fixed firmly on the ground
    Nobody tries to talk to him to make him understand
    Yet long ago when he was young he used to play in a band... more »

  • Game Of Golf

    Golf is my brothers passion, my sister-in laws as well
    From where l'm standing Oh! my word it looks like a game from hell
    Legs astride back is bent and the arms down all stretched out
    Now it's time to hit the ball and give it one good clout... more »

  • Home

    I Walk Along The Shoreline On A Lovely Summers Day
    The water Laps My Toes And Gently Rolls Away
    A Child Is Flying A Kite It's Soaring Up so High
    It's Chasing Fluffy White Clouds As They Skim Across The sky... more »

  • Love

    The hardest thing l'll ever do is let you walk away
    Out of my life but not my heart forever you will stay
    It wasn't anything you said, the eyes they told it all
    The look of sadness they portrayed is what l can recall... more »

  • Natures Wind

    The wind it came from nowhere
    Great gusts that roared around
    The flowers lost their petals
    Falling without a sound... more »

  • Sorry

    Sorry is an empty word that never can repair
    The hurt that's caused to someone for the pain they have to bear
    Even spoken from the soul deep within the heart
    It changes nothing that's been said or put things back to start... more »

  • The Boy

    The boy watched from a distance
    At the group outside his home
    He wanted to, be with them
    Not be here alone... more »

  • The Bridge

    l wish that l could build a bridge that spanned across this land
    A bridge that stretched so far to touch everybody's hand
    A bridge of courage, love and trust to wipe out greed and hate
    This bridge of mine made not of steel before it is too late... more »

  • The Calming Sea

    The beach is deserted when l arrive l've come with a troubled mind
    Not knowing why the sea has drawn me, with answers l hope to find
    The only noise l hear, are the waves crashing against the rocks and the gulls overhead... more »

  • The Pain Of My Loss

    l can't believe you've left me, lcan't accept you've gone
    People say l must let go, l simply must move on... more »

  • Thoughts Of You

    Thoughts of you on a Summers Day
    Blue skies laced with a flowered walkway
    Rolling hills atop woods of trees
    Wildlife running free as they please... more »

  • Time To Remember

    Take the time to sit and gaze, up into the stars
    Take the time to remember simply who you are
    Always much too busy even just to talk
    Always in a hurry no time for any thoughts... more »