• Imagine The Day

    climb an ancient mountain
    coaxed by a dream of blue

    rainbow sky emerging... more »

  • Licking Winter

    could berry juice
    coax your hard mouth
    to fall in love... more »

  • Lovechild

    make incense from the flowers
    dance naked in the light
    weave a blanket
    fringed with stars... more »

  • One Peachy Day

    smear the white juice
    of crushed sunlight
    over my breasts
    the delirious milk of... more »

  • Pools Of-

    evening's window

    setting sun bleeds
    candy-apple copper... more »

  • Purdah

    in the crucible
    of their relationship
    he beat her
    soft, porcelain body... more »

  • Sacrifice And Broken Fevers

    Remember when candy
    was a god thing?
    How you listened to its voice,
    desired to know its magic,... more »

  • Work

    The surgeon swears,
    and makes every moment
    for those who squirm... more »