• Because

    Not because you have to
    not even because you want to
    and for the sake of argument
    don't dare say I made you... more »

  • Dirty Scattered Memories

    A feather flows
    upon the breeze
    bringing with it,
    scattered memories... more »

  • He Believes In God

    We are the unlikely couple
    Michael & Lisa-Marie
    Demi & Ashton
    Bert & Ernie... more »

  • Her Smile

    His smile welcomes me from across the room
    And with that same smile
    He tells me about another lady
    from across the room... more »

  • I Think About You

    Time gives me no other option
    but to think.
    So...... more »

  • I'Ll Live To Be 100

    We have all been there
    or likely will,
    at some time in our lives
    lose people we truly love,... more »

  • Mama's Boy

    Look what you’ve done!
    Yes, “He’s a wonderful man,
    he’ll do anything for you…
    …anything he can”.... more »

  • Phantom Pain (R.P. Part 2)

    You had never asked me to stay
    In all truth
    I didn’t know if I could handle it
    Your pride... more »

  • Through

    Not enough good
    to make up for the bad.
    No effort for sadness,
    no time to be mad.... more »

  • Through The Eyes Of A Child

    It’s a man in a suit.
    Who could it be?
    How many months has it been?
    Oh my God, only three!... more »