DF Dicie Fujioka 2-14-95

I am an amateur poet. I know many things about writing yet I have much much more to learn.
My name is Dicie Yasmina Fujioka. I am sixteen years old.
I cherish every day I get to see my family and friends's smiling faces. I'm not lucky to be alive, I'm very blessed. :) Well what to say....I'm a vegan. and I'm a pretty 'crooked.' (if you know what I mean. xD) wait, you don't? okay I'll put it bluntly, I'm bisexual.: ] and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm proud of who I am.
So, I can read palms. kinda? I studied palmistry a while back..because I though it was the coolest thing in the world. -points at self- world's strangest dork right here.!
I started to write poetry when I was 14. I look back at those pages in my notebooks and think 'holy shit, where did all that teenage angst come from? ? ' but then I laugh. the pain, the embarassment, the harassment, everything bad that's happened: is all in the past.
all I can really do is laugh.: ] My poems are hm..deeper now? They are from the heart. the soul. and the mind. I don't have one bad poem. Well, I probably have thousands of crappy ones. But I love them all. No matter how stupid because they all came out of what I was feeling, what I wanted to say/write. They're all a part of me. I really, really do love writing. I won't stop until my hand receives and eternal writer's cramp.: ]
Want to know more? message me! I can be sort of nice. ^^



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