I stand for what I believe as it is something close to me.
Believe is something that is always close to oneself. no matter how many suggestions or advises you will get, the decision close to you will be beside what you believe
Let me finish and you will understand
some people think they can just understand you in a single word even when it isn't
One great thing of being alone, you don't get to be afraid to be left alone.
How can you be afraid to be left alone while you are alone
Life has only two digits, few lives one and very few can reach 3, with only two digits to live why not use it for happiness and smiles. I dedicate every second for happy things.
A human being's life is only two digits which means 10 up 99 years. few exist with 1 to 9 years and very few reach 100 years. so for that we need to enjoy every second.
I am not the talent you are looking for, But you can be the genius the world is looking for
Inspiring the you stars
Many people will be afraid of what you can do, they will question your ability to do it, they will not believe if you can do it and most importantly, they will not believe if you are ready to DO it. The only thing that you have is the ABILITY to PROVE THEM WRONG BY DOING IT
Inspirational words and the energy to increase your spirit to continue.