• A Particle Of Dust

    In summer I saw it
    flying in the sky,
    jovial enough in vain vaunt.
    Inquired about its pride,... more »

  • Accusations

    They say:
    D' has become rough-tongued, hard-hearted - -
    Talking to him is inviting troubles;
    A radio once on goes on,... more »

  • If Only

    If only I had the choice
    To sing like the great Ruffi
    Enchanting the hearts of millions
    And getting tons of applause!... more »

  • Life Is Such

    But life is such
    that you wish as much
    and never get anything
    though you hope for something.... more »

  • Remembering Father

    Nspur.6 Feb 1944.
    Born to see your father lost,
    You made yourself a man
    Under the hem of Maa.... more »

  • Sun Rising

    ' Happy New Year 2014, '
    was shouting I on the street,
    greeting everyone whom I met;
    still I had to wish many... more »

  • Survival

    Fights man with each other
    for a handful of rice;
    strangles others' throat
    which is never nice.... more »

  • The Bubble And I

    'Welcome, you Bubble, ' asked I,
    'Please tell me one thing.
    For a moment you come
    But what us to bring? '... more »

  • The Coming

    Life comes
    as thought comes to mind
    as tension comes to mind
    as pressure comes to life.... more »

  • The Lonely Traveller

    Miles and miles lie ahead
    being even and odd at places,
    having rise and fall on its ways
    in the horizon the path mixes.... more »

  • The Mirror


    The bindu grows
    more and more... more »

  • The Pendulum

    Seen there everywhere
    the existence of a pendulum;
    in shop, in temple, in church,
    in school, in bus... more »

  • The Wheel

    The cowherd boy runs after
    a wheel for pleasure,
    but a wheel is there
    after everything, after everyone... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Who am I?
    When do I ask this to me
    I see I am nobody, nothing,
    but Everybody and everything.... more »