Hajrudina "Dina" Bajraktarević (born 19 March, circa late 1950s) is a Bosnian singer and younger sister of Silvana Armenulić and Mirjana Bajraktarević. Her sisters died together in a car accident in 1976.

Hajrudina Bajraktarević was born in Doboj in the 1950s to a Bosnian Muslim family with ten children. Her mothers name was Hajrija (born 25 November 1916; date of death unknown) and her father was Mehmed Bajraktarević (died 1965). Her sister Silvana (birth name was Zilha) started singing at an early age, but their father, a local cake shop operator, was not supportive of her singing career.

Dina had a brother named Hajrudin who died about two weeks after being mauled by a dog in the 1940s. After her brothers death, her father found solace in alcohol and solitude, neglecting the family and his business. After her fathers cake shop closed, the family suffered greatly. Dina had three brothers (one being Hajrudin) and six sisters, two of which were singers: Silvana (born Zilha) and Mirjana (born Mirsada). Of the other six siblings, only two of their names is known, a sister named Abida, who was still living as of 2006 and brother named Muhamed who is deceased.

In 1955, Silvana moved to Sarajevo at the age of sixteen where she lived with her aunt and sang in local kafanas for money. She eventually landed a professional singing career which led way to sister Mirsada getting a record deal and recording her first album at the age of eighteen in 1969 and releasing it in 1970.

The singing sisters, Silvana and Mirjana, died together in a car crash on 10 October 1976 near the town of Kolari in Serbia. At the time, Mirjana, who was in the second term of her pregnancy, was sharing a home with Dina.

After their deaths, Dina was approached to release an album. Hesitant to sing professionally at first, she ended up releasing three extended plays: one in 1978, 1979 and 1980. She then took a break from music and had two sons. Her 1987 return to music produced a full length studio album, Dođi dragi ne dangubi. That was her final release before retiring from music.

Dina married singer Žika Nikolić and had two sons: Silvano, who is a singer, and Saša.

During the Bosnian War of the 1990s, Dina and her mother Hajrija fled their home in Doboj. Mother Hajrija eventually moved back to Doboj and died there sometime in the late 2000s, but Dina has not returned.


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I really don't think this war will end soon. We are completely aware of the difficulties, no food or fuel, the danger, but we want to be stronger than all that. With each child, we are fighting back with our love of life.
Tina Bajraktarebic (b. 1965), Bosnian mother-to-be. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 60 (January 3, 1994). Living in the city of Sarajevo in the thick of civil war, she was nine months pregnant with her first child.

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