• A Brothers Sunday

    For my brother Larry.
    A brothers Sunday

    Football... It just isn't the same
    Sunday fails to hold the gift, and promise of the game... more »

  • A Child In These Hills

    I am a child in these hills, wandering
    knowing not, what lies ahead
    Lost within thoughts of solitude
    Leaving behind nothing but footsteps,... more »

  • A Diamond Turned To Glass

    I remember things we said, when love was far from through...
    Years went on, and youth was lost, our love was nothing new..
    We hadn't reaped the harvest of the love that we once knew...
    Instead, we picked the harvest of the sadness, that we grew...... more »

  • A Glass Of Wine

    Cold, I can feel the winters breath on me tonight...
    November brings December into view...
    I sit, and in the hearth I see your face in firelight...
    This glass of wine, taking the place of you...... more »

  • A Patch Of Blue

    Sitting here, doing all the same old things I'm used to
    Watching clouds move in, to dropp the rain
    Then there's one small clear, and shining patch of blue
    Reminding me of you, I smile again... more »

  • A Poem To Begin

    The summer sun sinks quietly, but evening takes the day
    I sit alone and think of things you've said,
    And then your voice comes silently, and I can hear the way
    So gently you had spoken, from the poems you had read.... more »

  • A Simple Note

    I read your letter just today
    Unopened until now
    The one I nearly threw away
    But wouldn't leave my hand, somehow...... more »

  • A Thought Of You

    Someday, when I'm older, I may have a thought of you...
    A smile on my face, within the memory that I view...
    Remembering the ways of youth, and knowing youth is through...
    Replace my smile with simple tears, for all the things we knew...... more »

  • Cursed

    Old friends are gone, and others leaving..
    I stay and grieve, terrible grieving...
    And think of time, we laughed in jest...
    Seems I block out, all the rest...... more »

  • Dark Woman

    A witch... is she, who has cast a spell over all that I am,
    Over all I will be, or was, and faces the uncertain future,
    The uncertainty that infects us all...... more »

  • A Thousand Terrible Miles

    My love, I take pen in hand with no hope of reaching you, no hope of hearing a return word or knowing what fate may have befallen you. It is only my belief that you are somewhere thinking of me that keeps me from the brink of the dreadful abyss that I now find myself staring into. I pray that you are well, although it has been so long since last you have written, I spend my nights wondering, have you forgotten me, or has someone else taken my memory from your heart.

    A thousand terrible miles I have traveled in one place, waiting since the day you left, my vow unbroken, my love for you greater than when I last kissed your lips, my heart still beating for your safe return. My existence here has been one of desperation, desperate that your last words to me remain true, and that tomorrow you will return to me, to fill this emptiness that lies beside me each night. Deep within every cloud that passes overhead, I see your face, The music of your voice in every breeze that wanders through another season, without you.... more »

  • All I Need Is One

    ~*for Dave*~... more »

  • Alone Within My Past

    After all these years, I know that I have been the one
    That's broken down, and wasted precious years
    You, the everything I once thought of as mine
    I've left you crying in a pool of tears... more »

  • Beautiful

    Just a face, she tells me, no one special, just a girl..
    But that is not exactly what I find...
    She has a look that stops the heart...and I can't see the world...
    Beautiful... leaves this upon my mind..... more »

  • Blue Skies In My Book

    Hearts can find, and lose...
    and fall in two...
    Become the only thing... more »

  • Book Of Dreams

    I lie here with my book of dreams, the words I've written down...
    Surviving all the pain, I've put inside...
    Somewhat of an accomplishment, for me, since I might drown...
    In tears upon the pages, that I've cried...... more »

  • Broken Glass

    How can I go on, with my heart breaking
    Why, must I continue to be lost
    What did I accomplish, to win this aching
    Cold upon my love, there lies a frost... more »

  • Crystal Tears

    I've written many words about the loves that I have known...
    The heartache that it's cost me, winds of sorrow that have blown...
    Too many times, too many hearts, I didn't even own...
    And harvested the crops, of the loneliness I've grown...... more »

  • Deep Inside The Man

    Listen to me girl, because I think you know me well...
    Well enough to see inside of me...
    With everything you've given me, I'm sure that you can tell...
    You're all I am, and everything I'll be...... more »

  • Dreamer Man

    If we met by chance, on some warm and windy day
    Would you still remember me? As you went on your way
    Would you still recall my face, or would you walk on by
    Could you notice silent tears, descending from my eyes... more »

  • Even Though I Know You Are

    I'm here, and you're not...
    And yet I feel like I'm with you,
    How does that happen? ...Maybe you're still sleeping, (I love to watch you sleep) ,
    Or taking a shower, while getting ready for work, but I can feel you, inside...... more »

  • Eventide

    Slowly descends upon the remnants of the day
    Embracing the sunlight, to carry her to the night
    Darkness deepens, and the moon shall have her time... more »

  • Every Now And Then

    Every now and then, I see your face but you're not there
    I remember how the wind sometimes would gently blow you're hair
    I'll catch a scent of you and I'll remember times we had
    When love was new and life was long, and time was not as sad... more »

  • Fields Of Sorrow

    Listen, children, to my story, if you have the time
    Allow the thoughts I now impart, to linger in your mind
    Remember what I tell you now, as lives and years unwind
    It may give you the peace you seek, and somehow failed to find...... more »

  • For Connie (My Wife)

    Her name is as a cool spring whisper in the breeze...
    Her eyes can pale the color of the sky...
    A voice that can bring a strong man to his knees...
    Sweet music to the heart, and to the eyes...... more »