• Animals

    Man's spirit tomb
    Out of death's womb
    The spirit's diagnosis... more »

  • Bitterness

    How can I deny you?
    You light my inner torch when I am lost in dark caves of thoughts
    But how can I, on the other hand, welcome you?
    You expect me to keep the torch burning, to carry it for you despite all doubts... more »

  • Blackbird

    ... more »

  • Fingerprints

    We pass away and we leave behind fingerprints
    To every soul that happened to cross our way
    Latent or patent by the fingers of our deeds
    The transient touch of time can't fade them away... more »

  • Leaf

    ... more »

  • Moonlight

    Had I the slimmest chance to change the principle of orbits, I would place the moon at the center of the solar system
    Because you look so beautiful in the moonlight
    Even your shadow appears to be silently liberated when we kiss in the moonlight
    I wish not to witness the first rays of dawn but to hide ourselves behind the stars... more »

  • Moth

    ... more »

  • Name

    ... more »

  • Poet

    All the words and meanings that now seem leery, unripe
    Someday, sometime they would rather seem ripe
    O poet, scattering the seed in man's unplowed soil
    Over time the vindication of your sentimental toil... more »

  • Swan Song

    O swan!
    Sum a lifetime’s silence and turn it into a song
    Make death envy you and sing along
    O swan!... more »