• Another Feeling

    Why do I feel
    I'm no one to the earth?
    When I stay lonely
    Why tears come down... more »

  • As I Don't Still Unknown To Me

    Did you ever walk on the untrodden paths?
    Did you ever speak unspoken words?
    Did you ever see the unseen colours?
    Did you ever take company of an unwanted man?... more »

  • As Much As

    Yes, as much as I want to forget her
    I remember her name
    As much as I want to forget certain past
    I enliven them... more »

  • As Old As I Grow

    As old as I grow
    A sigh of dejection lingers
    I feel
    Like the greed of wine... more »

  • At Mohonpur, Hashnabad (On 23rd April,2018)

    Often she decorates herself in such a way
    All the words become trifle
    Her beauty is changed time to time
    Let us glance... more »

  • At Twilight

    At twilight

    When I woke up after a long midday nap
    Evening was descending... more »

  • Attack On Pulwama

    Attack on Pulwama

    You may call it dastardly
    You may call it despicable... more »

  • Attraction

    Attraction is always undeniable
    Attraction is always a notion of craving
    That does not allow me
    To be quite... more »

  • Beautiful Moments

    The beautiful moments are always eternal
    You have gone away
    But they are still green
    Whenever my heart feels you -... more »

  • Before Your Sublime Sunning

    Often I think you as joyful
    As I ‘m gaining now
    On the lap of yours
    In such a blessing dawn.... more »

  • Being Fascinated

    Being fascinated by the beauty of your tomb
    I entered into your home
    I am very glad having seen the replica
    There's in everywhere business and business... more »

  • Beloved

    Your unseen presence is still felt
    Here in the moonlit night
    When I talk to you... more »

  • Beyond Gray

    From this gray surroundings
    You can't change me.
    As much swate and labour
    There is hidden my free laughing.... more »

  • Beyond Myself

    It is a declamation new and fresh
    My heart is tangled in this mesh
    I can't think further being such prone
    I'm still thinking this alone.... more »

  • Black Clouds

    Black clouds

    When a true gesture
    Is politicized... more »

  • Calling

    I have been spending time
    Like a broken winged bird
    Now there's unstoppable leisure
    And it is providing also unique pleasure... more »

  • 'Choroibeti'


    At morning standing by
    The river Ichhamati... more »

  • Confession

    An impure willingness always pricks my heart:
    I know it
    But never I admit it,
    I myself have created an image... more »

  • Consolation

    I have been more rigid and quite
    Patience awaits me
    Mournful tears seem to me unnatural
    Rather, if I stumble in time of walking... more »

  • Coolness

    Now the world is gradually becoming silent,
    The night is ascending into the minds-
    Someone is admitting and
    Someone is denying or being careless turning their faces... more »

  • Curves

    How many curves are there
    In each life
    I don't know.
    But I know... more »

  • Dark Hour (14th February,2019)

    Dark hour (14 February 2019)

    Paradise has been shaken again
    Consensus and peace are nowhere seen... more »

  • Death And...

    (A tribute to poet Srutidhar Mukhopadhyaya)

    Death too gave him
    Series of pain... more »

  • Difference

    And they are too living entity
    They too whisper, love and even sing
    They even decorate themselves
    Being spellbound I look at them... more »

  • Different Prayer

    I have learnt to be silent from you
    I have learnt standing alone
    Ere when there is none
    Still I feel you gazes on.... more »