• Disbelief And Hatred

    Disbelief and hatred
    This two hands of darkness
    Have been pressing my throat
    With black fingers... more »

  • Diwali

    If light comes from within
    And sucks all inner darkness,
    I must call it 'Diwali'.
    Oh light!... more »

  • Don't Be So Sad

    Don't be so sad

    Don't be so sad
    That tears lose the way... more »

  • Dream

    When love goes away
    Poems come crawling
    And I'm divided into two... more »

  • Dream And


    I never want to let him go
    I never want to be awaken earthly... more »

  • Dream...

    Dream is always boundless
    It comes unobtrusively im my sleeping
    With stretched wings
    I fly with it in singing... more »

  • Dreamer

    With eager eyes, sit beside the water of the river Ichhamati
    Wave breaks the river side
    Water runs forward
    Like the remembrance of past... more »

  • Dreamy

    For proper nourishment
    A seed dreams
    Of a new generation,
    It fancies,... more »

  • Dust

    My heart often turns into dust
    It flies
    I myself feel how the little ones as well as you
    abhor me... more »

  • Economical


    I can't measure my devotion
    Yet I feel... more »

  • Estranged Or Not

    In my dream I saw you in my sleep
    You were as usual
    And nagging... more »

  • Eternal Love Knows Only Eternity

    It is painful to be defeated
    The sun sets not abruptly
    River dries taking long years
    And all type of decaying has its own time span... more »

  • Everyday

    Having heard the light's coming
    I wake up
    Prepare myself for the day
    Pray in silence... more »

  • Fear Looms Over

    Fear looms over our destiny
    Everyone knows
    But callous,
    The court verdicts... more »

  • Feelings

    It is a showing act
    When my friend invites me
    And in spite of knowing me
    My penniless state... more »

  • Fiery Time

    The person who writes the words of poem
    The time of peace sticks to him-
    Having left all evil thinking
    I've bathed in the sacred water... more »

  • Foolishness

    It is that black rose
    I nurture in sly
    Oh! How deepblack it is
    That reflects me... more »

  • For A Runagate

    All firefly do not surrender to death
    All firefly do not jump into the firey ringlet
    The rest
    After a certain time... more »

  • For Jovial

    The sorrows were born
    Out of my wounds
    And the wounds were
    As pierce as needles,... more »

  • For Sake Of Our Love

    I am stood between winter and mourning
    One is piercing me hard
    And the other is on heart
    I am trying with warm clothes... more »

  • For The Time Being

    For the time being

    Never think I regard you
    As one who loves me a lot... more »

  • Forbetter Life

    I make better errors all the time
    I judge wrongly whatever I try to
    Yes I do
    And my friends -my companions cherish it... more »

  • Forgetting

    Forgetting is not a matter of joke
    As well as remembrance
    In my case I often
    Forget whatever I don't want... more »

  • Friendship


    On the way my friend stopped
    But I pretended to be busy... more »

  • Friendship And Me

    Often I die
    When the hands of belief go far and far away
    I feel a sort of deep insulting,
    When there is darkness all around... more »