• Come N Leave Me Again

    Waiting here I am, for you
    So you come and hug me like last,
    So you kiss me like yesterday again,
    Hold me like never to go again,... more »

  • Faith Of Love

    Someday when it's dark and gloomy,
    Someday when nothing works rightly,
    when faith and trust is lost,
    when hope is dead and love is gone,... more »

  • For You My Love.........

    Was living alone to die here,
    Was laughing to burn the tears,
    Had breaths to sustain the night,
    No morning was there in my life.... more »

  • My Life Line - My Daughter

    I hear voices saying it’s time to play
    I see shadows leading me to the day
    I feel the touch of a blessing which I’d prayed
    I imagine nothing but the fact which is to stay.... more »

  • Picture In The Dark

    Gloomy eyes saw hollow ahead
    Breaths reduced it’s life slowly
    Voices walked away further slowly
    My body was turning stone mildly.... more »

  • Though You Are Gone

    Though you are gone you sweetheart,
    Nothing seems to be missing as you are,
    There by my side to hold me and wipe my tears.... more »