• Don’t Sweat The Small Things

    The future is the way it is
    Can’t change it so why try
    Make the most of this moment
    Before you know it will sail by... more »

  • Fear Of Fear

    I stare outside my window
    In the thinning light
    There are long streaks of shadow
    The sun has lost its bright... more »

  • Hope

    Hope is surely a strange feeling
    We embrace it sailing the river of life
    It gives us strength and liberty to dream
    And provides the needed shade to thrive... more »

  • Looking Everywhere

    I look for him here
    With purpose & vigor
    I look for him there
    With focus & rigor... more »

  • Mother’s Love

    It is hard to fathom
    An amazing link
    Larger than the ocean
    Deeper than any sink... more »

  • Old & Orphaned

    The fear lingers on
    As the days turn to night
    The silence is deafening
    Nobody to share the plight... more »

  • Our 25th And Some Reflections

    As we reflect on our own lives
    We see it as a jar full of joys and strive
    We feel blessed and thank our fate
    And pray for the less fortunate... more »

  • The Bright Side

    As I stare at all the faces
    Hidden behind the mask
    Always plays hide and seek
    Will surface without an ask... more »

  • The Perfect Storm

    Through my window
    The sky looks dull
    And I am sure
    A storm will follow this lull... more »

  • We Will Rise

    The walls are closing in
    Shackles around my feet
    However much I try
    I was born not to beat... more »

  • Why Poems?

    I write to feel
    I write to cry
    I write to say
    And I write to try... more »