Dipankar Sadhukhan 15 th December

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Live with the Truth. Live for the Truth.
Dipankar Sadhukhan Kolkata, India
Never compromise with the unjustness.
Dipankar Sadhukhan Kolkata, India.

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Dr. Charlotte Simpson-veigas on my book 'Love, Another Name of Divinity': Love, Another Name of Divinity is another beautiful set of poems, rich in emotion and immersed in the joy and abundance of divine love. I congratulate my dear student Dipankar Sadhukhan for his praiseworthy efforts in writing poetry which is uplifting and rejuvenating. Through his poetry Dipankar is able to articulate clearly the complexity and beauty of human thought. His poems express his deep love for the Divine and the eternal connection that we as human beings share. Vivekananda had once said, Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man. Dipankar’s poetry bears testimony to this eternal truth. This anthology of poems encompasses a wide variety of themes, cutting across man’s love for God, Nature and fellow human beings. The passion with which Dipankar weaves his poetry is indeed praiseworthy. It reveals his deep and intense love for the Divine. This love for the Divine is further translated into universal love for all creation. This book of poems encompasses the universal values of Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Truth, Beauty and Goodness) . Being an idealist myself, I particularly liked his poems entitled, Divine Light of Love and Beauty and Truth in Love both of which resonate with the divinity of eternal love. It is indeed my honour and privilege to have taught Dipankar Sadhukhan at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. As I reminisce about his student days I am reminded of his utmost sincerity and devotion to all the responsibilities he was given. Compassion, sympathy, empathy and an overflowing love for others is at the root of all Dipankar’s endeavours. Dipankar is indeed an educator’s delight. The enthusiasm, dedication and integrity with which he commits himself to the task at hand are truly worthy of emulation. As an ex-student of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, Dipankar has certainly made his alma mater proud. As his teacher I rejoice in his achievements and exult in the beautiful manner in which his poetic talent has blossomed. The flowering of his creative potential is clearly manifested in this book, Love, Another Name of Divinity. I wish my dear student Dipankar Sadhukhan all the very best in life. May success, happiness, peace and joy be yours in abundance! Dr. Charlotte Simpson-Veigas Department of Education St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) , Kolkata, India.
Dr. Sunil Sharma on my book 'Love, Another Name of Divinity': He serenades poetry and love - young poet Dipankar Sadhukhan with conviction. Majority of young poets begin by doing that - exalting their muse and the chosen medium of self-expression and artistic articulation of the lived instant and felt intensities. Dipankar writes bold and beautiful - for poetry provides avenues of escape from the everyday. He confesses, The world of poetry is totally different from reality. It is filled with beauty, love and happiness. It gives me aesthetic pleasure and infinite joy which are not possible to gain in this mundane world. - as it does to those desirous of seeking out, creating and wandering in realms imaginary. Poetry is an act of producing verbal artifacts for writers who are aesthete in their outlook and an autonomous activity in-itself. 'Love, Another Name Of Divinity' is his second anthology of fifty poems that celebrate the feeling of love. The mood is often joyous and robust. Typical Bengali writer - English education; English poetry; Rabindranath Tagore and music meet and intersect to form inner landscapes - Dipankar deifies poetry and love in various aspects and stands in a worshipful attitude before the altar of the Muses. The language is, well, the language of a smitten lover - just ecstatic! If you love being in love, here is the road-map for you. Find your way inside/outside the poetry and feel liberated! - Dr. Sunil Sharma An International Poet, Critic, Story Writer, Essayist and Editor. Pricipal of Bharat College, Mumbai, India.
Poet Moinak Dutta on my book 'Beauty and Truth in Love'. It is said oft that a poet is someone who is a blessed soul. Dipankar Sadhukhan, a teacher and a poet friend is definitely a blessed one for he has been doing what many people find it very difficult to do in our modern hedonistic world. He is searching for Beauty and Truth through his poetic endeavour. But then poetry can never exist without that pursuit. Finding Beauty and Truth and Love is the quintessential element of poesy. Reading his book 'Beauty and Truth in Love' is like understanding various facets of life. While in poems like 'O My Dear Angel, the Source of My Mirth', 'O My Little Princess, Next to Deity! ' one finds father's love for his daughter, poems like 'True Love Doesn't Alter with the Course of Time', 'Love Isn't Love When It Wears....' bring out the pains and sufferings of a poet seeing the world being corrupted everyday by forces which are inhuman and ruthless. Interestingly, as a poet can never lead his generation to despair, so Dipankar moves on to uphold the true Beauty of love through his poems which celebrate nature's bounty and abundance. Poems like 'Autumn Has Appeared with Fragrant Flowers' bear testimony to the poet's insatiable romantic quest which tends to be spiritual and rightly so! Wishing all the success to his endeavour. Moinak Dutta (India) , Teacher, poet, fiction writer, Author of 'Pestilence'(2009) , 'Online@offline'(2014) .
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