Dipy Hermonite Comments (3)

Hi Dipy! I really enjoy reading your poems! Keep up the awesome work!
Dipy, your words are very moving. I enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you for getting in touch. You write from the heart. That is where poetry should come from. Keep writing.
Dipy- Of your two poems, I preferred 'Child'. It is touching and sad. I saw a sight in Naples, Italy that was almost similiar. However in my case, the child had a despicable mother instead of a hard working father. You can read the poem I wrote in reference to it titled 'Circumvesuviana Lamentation'. Your poem 'The Silently Weeping Tree, ' has its moments, however personally I have not been one to humanize objects or animals in lieu of human suffering. There are too many people suffering to concern myself with other life forms. Interesting poetry-Keep at it! -Pasquale