• Abhinandan

    He's always polite,
    And he's ever so tall,
    You'll never find him get into a brawl,
    Won't utter a word,... more »

  • An Ode To Charlie Hebdo

    If there was no weapon
    No gun, no spear, no knife
    Would my Earth be safer
    And would it have no strife?... more »

  • My Mirror

    Oh Dear Lord oh my God I've got back my glow,
    Friends told me today it's the mirror you know!
    T'was showing me a girth that I couldn't swallow,
    The chin was all double with my eyes sunk in hollow,... more »

  • Please Don'T Kill Me

    On the slopes of the mountains
    The pine trees - looking so swell
    The breeze through them seems to be singing
    The birds look so happy and well... more »

  • Princess Of My Dreams

    When I see your lovely eyes
    My heart just skips a beat
    And when you've got that dazzling look
    Even 'Juliet' doesn't look sweet... more »

  • She Ditched Me

    For the first time in my life
    I fell in love with a girl
    She said she’d always be by my side
    Whenever I needed her... more »

  • The Passing Out Song

    Sitting out here, I’m feeling so lonely
    All my friends have gone a thousand miles away
    Though the doors of life opened for us – together
    Why does my step have to stagger at the very outset – today... more »

  • Why Did You Mama? ?

    Oh mama couldn't you see how I loved you so?
    You were my goddess, my idol, my tiny life's glow.
    I looked up to you - so tall and Devine,
    Your looks were so lovely, your hair was so fine.... more »

  • Why? ?

    "I loved the way she walked,
    Adored the way she talked,
    Couldn'twait to see her smiles,
    To meet I'd travel miles.... more »

  • Your World My Lord

    The train moved swiftly through the night,
    O'er rivers, fields and glens.
    The girl was rocking in her sleep,
    Smiling every now and then.... more »