• Abuse Of A Man

    I vowed before God never to leave you
    And to this day I have kept my promise
    You are my strength during periods of weakness
    My eyes during times of darkness... more »

  • Abuse Of A Woman

    You kiss my lips and leave me in desire
    You caress my skin and get me excited
    My heart is racing with excitement
    and you can feel it as you hold me tight... more »

  • Freedom Fighters

    Freedom comes to those who fight
    Not to those who stay and cry
    And then they party
    Believing they can drink their troubles away... more »

  • Heart Of A Soldier

    My heart cries everyday for my dead mother
    I try to be strong and don’t shed a tear,
    be a man and support my family,
    don’t let my kids see me crying... more »

  • Lies My Father Told Me

    My father once told me the world was flat
    And that if I was successful enough I could live at the top
    I was fascinated with the Idea
    Of being able to look down on everyone else.... more »

  • Mr. Cutter

    You have scarred me for life
    I was young a foolish... more »

  • One Day

    One day the road I am walking to success
    Will come to an end
    And I will achieve everything I set out to
    On that day I will be filled with joy... more »

  • Promiscous Man

    I can’t help staring at women as they pass by
    My coworkers ask what do I love about women so much?
    I tell them…
    It’s in the seriousness of their eyes... more »

  • Road Of Life

    I’m walking a road to which I see no end
    A road full of curves and bends
    A road so wide but through my eyes so narrow
    Although I can hitch a ride and get to the end... more »

  • Standing

    I stand before you
    as a man with flaws,
    my design is yet to be completed
    and until I am mistake prone.... more »

  • Stolen Dream

    You have stolen my dream right before my very eyes
    and I’m guilty of assisting you.
    I thought we were a team
    taking on the hardships of life.... more »

  • The Proposal

    You came into my life
    and straightened my bends.
    You’ve stolen my heart
    without touching my chest.... more »

  • Unknown Beggar

    Which staggering woman comes begging at my door
    with unwrinkled skin and lowered chin,
    she looks upon me with tears in her eyes,
    Such a sad sight to see beauty put to waste,... more »

  • Work Slave

    I am a slave
    not bound by shackles
    and not held by chains.
    My body is unmarked... more »