• Get Money

    Get MOney, Get Money, dats how a nigga eat/
    hustle fast, hustle hard, its how its gotta b/
    n da office or da block, niggas gotta get it/
    hustle socks, hustle rocks, its how niggas live it/... more »

  • His Life...

    as she walks in the room
    she demands everyone's attention,
    not by wat she says
    and yet everyone is listenin,... more »

  • I Am A King

    i'ma young king dats
    lookin 4 a queen,
    light skinned cutie
    or a dark skin thing,... more »

  • Karma...

    Karma, damn...
    its a son of a gun
    once u think lifes great,
    it takes away da fun,... more »

  • Knowledge....

    Malcom said by any means, but ghandi was non-violent/
    Dr King rode wit Ghandi, but now dey voice is silent/

    Imma show u my world, a different side of life/... more »

  • This World...

    In a world with many faces
    i am one of a kind
    while they see white and black
    my eyes are colorblind... more »

  • Why Does My Head Hurt?

    why does my head hurt,
    is it just me?
    or could it be
    all the pain and suffering i see?... more »