There is not much to me besides these 5 things

.My father died 4 day before I turned five
.I started to become attached to yellow post-it notes to write small limericks on them
.My mother and I moved to a small town called Mechanicsville in Virginia.
.My inspiration came from all around me, TV shows, magazines, music, thoughts that just randomly come to my head.
.I prefer to be discreet.

nothing more is interesting in my life ecept for my website. I keep my happy thoughts in one place.


Discreet Poetic Poems


Siblings come in all shapes and sizes
There are many subjects you should think
When the golden sun rises
When they play tricks on you... more »

Live Life From A Distant Shore

How things work is simple indeed
From this to that and all in between
You think about this
And think about that... more »

A Winters Day

I see white flakes
As I look out the window
Falling, down, down, down
I see white flakes falling all around... more »

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