• ! Beginning To End...

    We were born alone...
    I believe.. We die alone..
    but maybe... if we haven't quite found our soulmate by that time..
    They die with us?... more »

  • ! Fun With No Doubts.

    Today the sky never looked brighter,
    I finally cut the string that attracts me to you,
    I got my buddies on the side, with weed it smells like I'm getting high.
    Smiling like nothing ever effects me.... more »

  • ! Lost Faith...

    Do you even know me?
    When I tell you I love you.. do you believe me?
    I ask the world,
    when is the suffering done?... more »

  • ! New Road

    Birds sing, morning feeding..
    babies cry.. for a mothers nurture..
    kids go out and play.. smiles and laughter..... more »

  • ! One Way Or Another..

    I realized I dropped it all..

    I'm barely hanging on..
    Doors everywhere keeps closing..... more »

  • ! So.. Will You Marry Me? ? ?

    Hey Baby,
    I go through my everyday with a smile,
    cuz I got such a great girl.
    You mean so much to me,... more »

  • ! Wake Up...

    Morning sun shine thru, and your voice is the first,
    the first sound I hear..
    Your sweet tender lips speak in such harmony..
    My heart can't help it, but smile in delight..... more »

  • (cuz I'M In Love With You..)

    Everything used to be perfect..
    She woke me up,
    and I put her to bed..
    We talk all night long..... more »

  • * :)

    She gives me the joy of the world..
    The world is different with her by myside..
    I see all the beauty, and no pain is inflicted..
    She gives nearly everything that I need..... more »

  • ** Lil' Lady...

    Whats up lil' lady?
    Damn, your so fine.
    I wouldnt keep my hands off unless you deny.
    Babe, We could be poppin champange all night.... more »

  • ** She My Baby! **

    icing on the cupcake,
    the whipped cream on the ice cream..
    the chocolate on the strawberry..
    She is the light in my life..... more »

  • ***

    I remember that one time,
    I was walking by,
    nearly dropped my phone,
    as you called in the line.... more »

  • **as The Rain Falls...**

    The rain will fall..
    & all I'll do is think of you..

    My heart beats to the sound of your voice..... more »

  • **believe It Or Not...**

    I've written this today.. last 5 mins of school, something rushed into mind.. my thoughts of her...

    Maybe its the way you can somehow make me survive the toughest days.
    Maybe its the way your words reach into my heart.... more »

  • **cant Quite Describe.**

    Hey babe, Theres so much I wanna say.
    I've fallen in love with you,
    And I cant quite describe my feelings for you.
    I love you more then I've loved in the past.... more »

  • **it Happens With Love... **

    she wakes me up at 3 am..
    just to talk story..
    what a load of ham.... more »

  • **just Tell Me Why....

    Why do we go to the ones that leave us?
    why do we walk away from the ones that love us?
    when all beauty is infront of ours eyes..
    we let what we could have say good bye....... more »

  • **love You**

    When all crashes.. Will you be here?
    People say, Love is the best thing in the world..
    I must say.. I agree..... more »

  • **the World...

    The world is full of lies, deceiving people.
    Love lies between a very thin line.
    you never kno if its real,
    Or it's all just a simple lie.... more »

  • **to Say Good-Bye.

    Dont even know myself.
    I'm caught between what I gotta be and who I am.
    This toss up is ridiculous, I wont stand for it.
    For once I want a peace of mind.... more »

  • **where I Wanna Be..**

    In your arms,
    Thats where I'd like to be..
    Your love inspires me..
    To write my heart out..... more »

  • *..Fixed.

    I got off the phone,
    With the sound of her voice still ringin in my ear..
    I have a smile on my face that could last a million years.
    I am amazed, by all that she is..... more »

  • *bury..*

    I'm there when you fall..
    I'm here to listen and help you through what ever you need.
    I know we'll be friends forever.... more »

  • *lets Make It Clear...

    Standing out,
    outloud, and Clear.
    I want you and the rest of the world to know..... more »

  • *love*

    I am in love.. that I can say..
    with her.. I wont deny.

    She is on my mind.. constantly..... more »