• Fool For Love....

    held within my hands.. three items..
    Green little alien.. glass shaped heart.. and a duck...

    Must sound funny for what I'm bout to say..... more »

  • For Her.. A Promise..

    I wonder how.. I knew it all along..
    It was just a matter of time,
    before it gets to where it is now.
    Tears flow out,... more »

  • Forbidden

    In love I still am.. theres no way outta that..
    my feelings all twisted and turned..
    memories, old and new replays in my mind.
    Dark, quiet room.. silence pierced my ears..... more »

  • Forever More.

    say what you dont mean..
    as it cuts in my skin.
    blade of death.
    grant my wish?... more »

  • Forever.

    Dont go, its what My heart Cries out..
    This heart isnt prepared..
    its not aware..... more »

  • Forgetting You.

    I met a girl.. sweet and innocent..
    Said she'll never cheat.. nor lie..
    a year and 3 months later..... more »

  • Fork Road.

    Open wounds will always be..
    scars to cover up,
    Its another thing you see.... more »

  • Found..

    found myself speakin to another..
    I think I've gone outta my mind..
    She speaks of heaven..
    I cant seem to wonder..... more »

  • Free

    Feeling of love use to course through my veins..
    Now all I can feel is shame.
    I use to smile at every txt or call..
    but I just want to miss it all.... more »

  • Free...

    Whats the word thats unspoken,
    Hidden within your heart.
    Protecting it with your life,
    Not lettin the outside kno.... more »

  • Friend Or Foe

    My friend..
    solitude is what I need..
    complete peace..
    and aloneness.... more »

  • Friends Make Life Worthwhile.

    Its our way of communicating..
    we luv in the tree way..
    we need each other like,
    the stars cant shine without the moon.... more »

  • Full Of Thoughts..

    We ignore the ones that want us,
    we love the ones that ignores us.

    I guess we never realize what we have till its gone, for sure.... more »

  • Future Of Us.

    Love, hits me hard this time..
    Leaning against me..
    Lovely girl,
    sweet,... more »

  • Future Plans..

    My plans for the future,
    take her and I on the road,
    travel the 7 seas,4 oceans..
    see each beach,... more »

  • Gentle Of A Touch...

    She knows just what to say.. my legs give out I'm down on my knees..
    begging please.. take me now..

    her soft hands take a hold of me..... more »

  • God Spoke...

    Touched by an angel..
    Today mind filled with thoughts of past and present.
    I looked out and up...
    God, Are you listening...... more »

  • Goes

    I barely know you..
    but I want you..
    I never heard you talk..
    but I need you..... more »

  • Gone Gone.. Gone...

    I saw it in his eyes... fear of losing it all...
    She takes out the papers for him to sign..
    once its over, they leave it all behind.... more »

  • Gone Where?

    not looking but just found,
    not seeking but retrieved,
    underneath the stars, I've wished for you..
    underneath the sun, I've forgotten the truth..... more »

  • Good Bye

    a knife
    that cuts deep
    spills... more »

  • Good Bye, My Ex.

    been outta my life for quite a while..
    come bak, like nothing ever happened.
    calling me babe, when you want.
    going bak to your ex when you're done.... more »

  • Good-Bye Like A Birds Behind.

    She of all beauty, conversations that seem to last forever..
    Beauty is only skin deep.. I tell..
    Her personality use to Blossom, now only wither...
    she speaks of Good-bye's like droppings of a birds behind.... more »

  • Guardian Angel..

    Fallen angel..
    I'll repair your wings..
    and watch you fly again..... more »

  • Guitar.

    Its the guitar strings..
    that play me sweet songs,
    reminding me of what I've got to do..... more »