• Guity...

    It was a phone call, that made my heart skip a beat..
    I told her to tell me a story, but instead, I told her one.
    She planned out the future, of her and I.....
    I was starting to get scared..... more »

  • Half Way...

    Could something be said...
    for you to stay..
    I'm needing you,
    You're all I see..... more »

  • Hands Of Crimson

    my hands that reap,
    stained with crimson,
    crawling out of nowhere,
    I stand risen.... more »

  • Happily Ever After...

    All ten toes in the sand,
    knee deep in the sea..
    water splashes me..... more »

  • 'Happiness..

    Lips of terror..
    Hands of silk..
    Stare of centuries..
    eyes, that make me melt..... more »

  • Happy Birthday

    To the one I love.. Happy birthday.

    You're another year older.. your inner beauty remains.
    Your personality blooms, its not just after the rain.... more »

  • Hard As I Try.

    Last few night,
    I had dreams of why.. how.. and what...
    Messing me up..... more »

  • Heart Open, Thoughts Revealed..

    Red eyes..3 am, hurting and all,
    arms that wont pull me up,
    legs that shake with each step I take.
    bending and breaking.... more »

  • Heartache..Your Puttin Yourself Through.

    I'm not hurt becuz you left me..
    I was hurt becuz, you left me for him.
    Im quite done with your lies.
    I can see it in your eyes..... more »

  • Heartbreak...

    My insides are turning..
    Feeling of puking..
    my head wont stop spinning..
    my hands are shaking..... more »

  • Heaven Above..

    (Inspired by a song... 'When God made you')

    It was the feeling of love.. and butterflies in the air..... more »

  • Heaven Sent

    Like sending my heart to you, I've done just that.
    part of me is yours, and it might be broke in 2,
    but its all good.... more »

  • Held It, Its In My Hands.

    I looked at it..
    I couldnt bare it..
    I held it,
    Staring at it..... more »

  • Hell Runs Over.

    theres will come a day where hell runs over.
    and baby, ill be there when you fall.

    i got my arms out, ready to catch you.... more »

  • Her Eyes...

    i sat down,
    noticed you were right next to me.
    i felt your head fall upon my shoulder,
    as you lean in and lay your head on me.... more »

  • Her Perfect Day.

    Its her little dream..
    Probably all girls think of this,
    every now and then..... more »

  • Her..

    Her powdered nose.. her scented hair.. her lovely voice.. her touch that I cant seem to find anywhere else..
    Left me to a sigh...

    Her brown eyes.. her kisses that she blown.. her love and care..... more »

  • Here...

    maybe its the way that things dropp and fall..
    the way you left me in the blue.
    that scar you have across your arm.
    the tears that you cry every night..... more »

  • Hide And Seek

    Dancing with the devil,
    he slips you a cold one,
    you return a favor,
    as he takes you under..... more »

  • History

    Whirlwinds are twisting,
    chaos within my mind turning,
    releasing every bit of love,
    I'm simply losing.... more »

  • Hmm.. Little Wonders..

    It was like the first time.. that I've spoke to the Voice of an Angel.. so sweet and so calm.. her voice makes my heart skip a beat.. the way she makes me feel will forever remain.
    Funny how we are so far.. yet..she is the only one thats got my heart.
    I must say.. You take my breath away.. theres no explaining in how much I truly love you. Or how much, I wanna tell you how I feel..... more »

  • Honestly..

    I've never tried so hard before..
    she makes me wanna do better..
    she brings light into my life..... more »

  • Hope..

    its hope..
    thats keeping me here..
    hoping you'll be there..
    hoping when I see a car, I wont see myself layin on the ground.... more »

  • Hourglass Shape....

    she's pierced there.. and here..
    tongue and belly button..
    ears, and who knows where..
    you kno.. it intrigues me..... more »

  • How Can I? ?

    How can I forget the good times?
    the first time you sang to me...
    God.. it made my heart melt..
    When we were over the phone, and I beat you at Candyland..... more »