• How Can You Believe?

    She promised me happiness.. love thats ever lasting, and my heart to never be hurt..

    Tell me, how can I believe.. when everyone promises the same..
    and at the end, its the same old game.... more »

  • How She Blooms...

    Sandy shores, I've been thinkin of you..
    moonlit night, Its a smile that appears.
    Sun rise here, Its a new day to tell you...... more »

  • How, When, Why?

    How does the world go round, when everything is falling down..
    When does the hope fall, when tears fill the lies that lies between our eyes..
    Why does the human race create what can't be destroyed except for ruining lives.... more »

  • How?

    all that she been through..
    damn.. how can she smile?
    the scars..
    the tears..... more »

  • I ...............................

    miss your voice,
    miss your touch,
    miss your love,
    miss the kisses,... more »

  • I Am

    I am not one,
    that you'd fight for.

    Nor will I ever be Perfect.

    I am not one,... more »

  • I Bid You Adieu

    Crimson black sky,
    in theory,
    those would be,
    The Shades of you.... more »

  • I Dont Know Why...

    the past few days made me realized that
    i think i love you.
    i dont know why..
    but it must be your humor,... more »

  • I Dont Know...

    Tripping and falling,
    I aint doing so well..
    I'm stirring up with hell.
    I dont wanna get killed.... more »

  • I Guess.

    I realized today,
    I'm not always strong..
    I might need some friends to lean on.... more »

  • I Hope...

    I Wish You well...
    I hope you find yourself..
    I hope you will find the love of your life..
    I hope he makes you happy..... more »

  • I Know...

    i know this will soon leave me..
    i know this dont last forever..
    i know one day, it will come back again.
    right now im just holding on to it.... more »

  • 'I Like....

    I like the stars..
    The moon..
    The street lights..... more »

  • 'I Love You'

    we take this word, so lightly that we say it almost everyday..
    i believe if we say it too much, it might just go away.
    why do lovers always say-
    i love you, no i love you, no i love you more.... more »

  • I Met Someone...

    I met a girl.. She cares, she is sweeter than anything I've seen.. heart full of gold.. smile that brightens up any room anytime of the day..
    she love making love in the dark,
    she love cuddling at the beach,
    also underneath the sheets..... more »

  • I Miss Her...

    i miss you..
    but i barely know you.
    i think bout you,
    yet i have no clue how you look like or what you do..... more »

  • I Stay In Silence..

    I think I've just fallen again..
    I've refused to move on..
    I've refused to love anymore..
    but yet..... more »

  • I Still Love You

    open wound
    dislocated heart
    misplaced from the start
    lost in a dream... more »

  • I Swear....

    I wanna feel your breath on my neck..
    I wanna feel your hands in mines..
    Your wet lips, kissing me all over..... more »

  • I Think I Started..

    I kept my heart held up high.. I didnt let her come near by..
    I pushed her away the minute I felt too safe..
    So I had an easy escape..... more »

  • I Thought Of You.

    I gave in..
    For months she waited..
    for days.. she sobbed..
    I couldnt stand the tear,... more »

  • I Wanna Give You Everything.

    i wanna take those scars off your arm.
    i wanna hold you tight at night.
    i wanna be everything that you need.... more »

  • I Want.

    I want a girl, thats with me all the way..
    Thick and thin, wrong and right.
    even when I have my moments.... more »

  • I Wish You Well...

    All these sad songs,
    finally catching up on me.

    Listening to the same song over again..... more »

  • I Wonder Why......

    Done all she can..
    she makes me laugh even if she makes herself look a complete fool.
    She holds me.. when I needed someone the most.
    she'd been there for me.. yet I couldnt open up to her.. like I did with you.... more »