• *love, Babe, Sweetie, Baby.. Rush To Say.

    you love like no other..
    Into the core of my soul..
    I will surrender.... more »

  • *meant...

    The day I was born, I was meant to meet you.
    The sky was meant to be blue..
    The trees are meant to be green.
    & I am meant to meet you.... more »

  • *memories.. *

    Within this month..
    I would've loved her for a year..
    Either she knows it or not..
    Everyday.. you still come to mind..... more »

  • *missing You...

    Blue eyes.. blonde hair,
    Little cutie, damn.. I swear..
    I never thought I'd find a girl like her..
    She is quite a lady..... more »

  • *my All... *

    Your shinin like a star,
    So bright that when we're apart,
    It still seems like,
    The distances is barely there..... more »

  • *my Rose...*

    Babe, let me give you 12 roses..
    I will love you till each one dies and fades away.

    Little did she kno..... more »

  • *night, I Wait......

    It seems like forever, since the last time, I've heard your voice.
    My heart is slowin down, Losing its beat, maybe even the sound.
    I think of how we used to talk.. & all the other memories,
    Its what's keeping me going right now.... more »

  • *rush*

    First time, in the longest while,
    I felt this rush.
    I've called you over hundreds of times..
    But for some reason..... more »

  • *weird Items...

    What I do..
    when the nights are cold,
    the day is not nearly as bright,
    & walking alone.... more »

  • *what I Miss The Most.... *

    What I miss the most...

    The sound of your laughter,
    those calls in the morning that I just couldnt wait for..... more »

  • ... Last Time? ? ?

    I knew I could never let you go...
    With the song 'the wind blows' playing..

    I knew somehow.. I had to..... more »

  • ... Whats It All For?

    She sees me.. I see her.. She sees him.. he sees... someone else...

    Its another day.. I wonder how long till I break down..... more »

  • ...?

    Will you say it once more?
    just to reassure me...

    Its all I need to hear..... more »

  • ...Idk

    I am no longer Who I was.
    I am scared of what I am gonna find.
    I hide within the dark.... more »

  • ...Im Tired

    i miss you...
    i miss your hugs.
    i miss when you pretend to love me.... more »

  • ...Thoughts That Never Seem To End...

    Next week, sunday.. It'll be my Birthday..
    Parties all 3 days.. starting friday..
    sunday spent with this girl,
    who loved me from the moment I spoke..... more »

  • ...Waiting..Is Done..

    Im tryin so hard to hold on to you.
    your presences is no longer here..
    you ghost has disappeared..
    i long for you.. for you to be near.... more »

  • ..Would You? ? (H)

    if i told you i love you..
    what will you do?

    would you return my love..... more »

  • .to You.

    To you..

    I am just another guy,
    a fish in a tank,... more »

  • ? ? Endless Fun..

    i love you?
    no.. i like you..?
    i dont think so..
    maybe it lust..... more »

  • ? The Wall..

    A wall, that is put up between you and I.
    I fear, for I might be losing the one thing,
    Thats keepin me together..... more »

  • `, . Belive

    Walk off into the distance,
    I will follow ever so dearly,
    Love every step you take,
    and be whoever you wish me to be.... more »

  • `` Presences ..

    Upon the night you have fallen for an angel
    The sunrise reveals her devil horns
    and you caress her with your heart
    Angel wings turning to shades of grey,... more »

  • ``again

    I draw the line now,
    Upon this pavement,
    I kneel..... more »

  • ``come Back

    Tell me.. what's it like to be alone tonight..
    the solitude building up with the suspense,
    how you laid your head upon me..
    how your voice use to soothe me..... more »