• ``don'T Go Breakin...

    Don't you dare.. go breaking my heart..
    It's all I have left..
    and I think we're off to a good start..... more »

  • ``forever Faithful

    I'll tell you now..
    Your heart may stray.. but mines will never..
    You might fish in the sea.. but forever You're my catch of the day..
    You might go out.. and party your night away..... more »

  • `123

    Just a bit detached.
    a little alone.
    with a dash of sadness.
    I'm just a bowl of popcorn, stale waiting to be dumped out.... more »

  • `alone

    The decaying heart,
    shivers in pain..
    shredding tears,
    with nothing else to say.... more »

  • `anger..

    I am at complete lost..

    Sorrow in my soul,
    Tearing at the seams,... more »

  • `away

    Take this heart..
    Break it in two,
    Kiss it good bye,
    for its no use.... more »

  • `baby

    I can't deny the feeling,
    The attraction between you and I..
    sparks that I've never seen before..
    a Love so unique,... more »

  • `bliss

    Take my hand,
    We'll drive far away from here..
    We'll create an island with our minds..
    since you claim to have mind control..... more »

  • `die My Love.. Die..

    Die my love, Die.
    Loving her won't do you good,
    Say your final good bye.
    Kill your undying love now,... more »

  • `facts

    Truth, I'm a little hurt.
    Fact, My friends were right.. You were too good to be true.
    Lie, You never liked him.
    Fact, It's time for this to end.... more »

  • `forget It

    Certainly, You are on my mind night and day..
    But I fail to see your eyes spark a different way..
    The fact you notice him near by..
    I got the vibe of just saying good bye.... more »

  • `go

    Late night talks,
    Morning emails,
    Coded messages,
    and fairy tales..... more »

  • `go..

    rip it in two,
    what am I doing here..
    I'm such a fool.... more »

  • `i Wished..

    11: 11...
    7 months ago.. I wished she'd be mines.. for 3 years straight..
    I finally got my wish..
    but 7 months later..... more »

  • `if

    This lifetime..
    I've met the love of my life..
    A girl so beautiful,
    Personality that sparkles,... more »

  • `my Dearest...

    passion is agression that builds up from thoughts & memories,
    that unfold the naked barriers, that locks me into a safe hold.
    The key in your hand is more then capable of release this
    fragile heart into your hands to hold. Each thought of you,... more »

  • `no Hopes

    You're gone.. and I'm falling out of control..
    barely catching my breath,
    You're probably with him, while I'm home alone..
    Questions in my mind..... more »

  • `no Love.

    Screw your promises!
    Your No good lines,
    Faking the love we had that night.... more »

  • `outta My League

    Thirsty for water,
    my mouth is dry,
    my words no longer matter..
    my heart hung out to dry,... more »

  • `present..

    For a second, I thought I might have a chance,
    for a moment, I thought You and I were one of a kind,
    for a minute, I knew I fell in love with you..
    for an hour, I ponder in thoughts of what I did wrong..... more »

  • `remaining..

    Disturbance knockin on the door..
    A smile turned into a frown.
    Within seconds.. Those words shook me down.
    I threw my hands up over my head..... more »

  • `right

    You stood beautifully with your wavy hair,
    glasses resting on your cheeks..
    hands to your side..
    that smile, damn, it catches my eye..... more »

  • `say 'It's Over'

    Telling myself not to worry,
    Lying to myself everything will be okay..
    Repeating the obvious in my mind..
    it ain't helping a thing.... more »

  • `slowly

    Fighting through the motions,
    I'm craving for your last love.
    One last kiss that will leave me in eternal bliss.... more »

  • `so Soon

    I spoke my heart out..
    my heart next to a knife..
    Stand in front of me..
    and stab me tonight..... more »