• `thanks God.

    I love how you move on the floor..
    You glide towards me and smother me close..
    Smitten by your caress I fall in deep slumber.
    You rest by my side..... more »

  • `the Best

    She thinks it's easy, but I'm torn up.
    She thinks I don't care,
    but it's all I think bout..
    I've got love,... more »

  • `this Night

    My heart filled with hurt..
    Have a lied turned bigger than life?
    Definitely out of hand..... more »

  • `till

    Have you looked in my eyes?
    Fear of the world,
    its kept inside.... more »

  • `what I Became

    You did it,
    I'm completely face down in mud,
    heart shattered,
    broken,... more »

  • `what I'Ll Do

    The shiver creeps up on me tonight..
    The cold never felt this cold..
    the night.. Never felt so lonely..... more »

  • `whats Going On.

    Thanks for the notification.

    Time's have changed.
    Cheating is the Hip new thing.... more »

  • `with Me

    A thought just occurred,
    My life revolves around this one girl..
    I created my life to be with her..
    She is the puzzle piece to my heart..... more »

  • ~ Im Done.

    Sun shines down on me..
    Why am i so cold?
    My heart was given away,
    Maybe to the wrong girl.... more »

  • ~ My Way...

    its how you say it..
    the way you said-
    'i love you.'... more »

  • ~ Pour My Heart Out..

    I've got my guard up at the moment..
    I'm falling apart behind each smile and laughter.
    Heart is slowly fadin away.... more »

  • ~! Led The Way..

    See what I'm all bout..
    The sorrow once was..
    The tears once cried..
    Those days when I tried to say..... more »

  • ~* All I'Ve Got..

    Footsteps in the sand.. I'm leaving it behind..
    seeing you in my future,
    I know this is right..
    when I'll be holding you close..... more »

  • ~* Can I Love Again?

    I speak of marriage...
    To me...
    Marriage is so much more.... more »

  • ~* Can You See? ?

    She kisses me good night...
    my heart skips a beat,
    racing to the speed of light..
    my heart then melts..... more »

  • ~* Found Again..

    Havent wrote in a while,
    Words slip thru my fingers..
    lost in confusion,
    in what I want and what I need to do.... more »

  • ~* Honeymoon Season..

    The honeymoon season lingers..
    Her hair rest on my arm..
    Head upon my chest..
    I, await her awakening..... more »

  • ~* I Wanna...

    I wanna run my hand in your long brown hair..
    knowing your not bald..
    I wanna kiss those lips of yours..
    cuz I bet they taste sweeter then cheerios..... more »

  • ~* If I Was....

    If my love was air.. Wind will find you every moment of the day..
    I'd be all you need to soar, go beyond and above..
    If my love was stars.. baby.. I'll make you the brightest one of all.
    The aura of peace and beauty.. serenity and happiness..... more »

  • ~* I'Ll Love You This Way...

    It was the moment she fell asleep..
    I realize she is all this heart of mines.. been waiting for..
    Her soft gentle voice..
    the way she talks..... more »

  • ~* I'Ve Fallen...

    I'm too insecure...
    Lost within words,
    that cant be replaced..
    my heart stops..... more »

  • ~* Just Gotta Tell Ya..

    Oh no, she isnt shy..
    not with me.
    She plays with my finger tips,
    kissing me..... more »

  • ~* Just Knew..

    Take this broken heart.. and mend it..
    which you have..
    Take your voice and sing me to sleep..
    every night..... more »

  • ~* My Love...

    My love,
    This is for you...

    Night falls.. and morning rises..... more »

  • ~* The Kiss...

    Its when she said it..
    The feeling in my chest..
    my butterflies in my tummy..
    and her laughter,... more »