• ~* The Sweetest Kiss...

    The Sweetest Kiss...
    In her sleepy voice.. almost one in the morning..
    She tells me she loves me..
    Giving me a little kiss over the phone..... more »

  • ~* Where Is My Soul..?

    I know the past is there to haunt..
    There for me to remember my mistakes.
    People I should've held on to..
    those, I should've let them soar..... more »

  • ~*along Those Lines...

    Stay right there..
    I know I'm far..
    but my heart is half way there..
    I'm reaching,... more »

  • ~*better Then Life...

    My tolerance isnt much..
    My is heart fragile,
    so love me..... more »

  • ~*can'T Last A Day Without You..

    The kiss, Faded..
    The hug, Gone..
    The memories, intact.... more »

  • ~*cant You Tell?

    Cant you see?
    I am falling like the rain drops..
    into the sea..... more »

  • ~*complete

    I'll be by your side.. thru good and bad times..
    Showing you the highlights of your life..
    baby, I'll get you whatever you like..... more »

  • ~*every Moment Of It.

    My baby girl tells me she loves me,
    In her eyes I know its true..
    My wall build up she is slowly taking it down..
    brick by brick..... more »

  • ~*gloomy Day...

    It was tears dried up..
    Past fading,
    Morning setting..
    Fresh air to my lungs..... more »

  • ~*honey I Know...

    As hard as it is to say this,
    I might actually be in love...

    Two separate worlds,... more »

  • ~*i Seek..

    Do you realize how much I truly love you?
    From your head to your toes,
    and all around the world,
    My heart is only for you to hold.... more »

  • ~*is This Love? ?

    Baby I love you..
    Have you seen your eyes?
    Hint of brown..
    Sparkles all around..... more »

  • ~*just Of The Wanting..

    My baby likes to arouse me..
    she swings her hips.. side to side..
    her boots.. Damn.. It just takes me by surprise..... more »

  • ~*last Breath...

    Suddenly.. my heart stops..
    Slowly, Gradually it starts up again..
    as she tells me she loves me..... more »

  • ~*let You Go..

    Sun yet to shine, but my first thoughts will always be of you..
    You got my respect.. You've received my love..
    The world would be delivered.. my heart in your hands,
    Its up to you..... more »

  • ~*love Love Love.. :)

    It's the way she moves me...
    The way.. she loves...
    how she cares..... more »

  • ~*my Baby Girl....

    I dream of her...
    Kissing those lips of eternal ecstasy..
    Floating on clouds when she whispers 'I love you'
    Butterflies in my tummy.. knowing she is mines,... more »

  • ~*my Forever..

    My dear, can you see?
    This heart has been delivered
    all yours to receive..... more »

  • ~*my True Needs...

    It's the thought of losing you,
    that frightens me.
    It's the thought of being alone,
    with my hands cold.... more »

  • ~*new Beginning..

    My love, This is the beginning of you and I.
    I will never forsake,
    I will love and give you all you deserve..... more »

  • ~*once In A Life Time...

    Love is time, taking in what is given, and giving all that you have.
    Not holding back, not hiding a piece of yourself,
    But showing all and everything. Loud and Proud.... more »

  • ~*she Redeems Me..

    Down in the dumps.. My love she redeems me..
    Bringin me bak to life, as if she needs me..
    Her soft whispers during the nights, brings temptation to a high.
    Am I this lucky? ! To have her by my side? !... more »

  • ~*side By Side.

    Blue sky, red lips.. press against mines..
    Sweet perfume just enough for me to fly high..
    Another day.. Of love caressing..
    Stars shooting thru the sky,... more »

  • ~*simple Love

    Life never a bore,
    when a girl you adore,
    is in your life.... more »

  • ~*summer, Fall, Winter.. Love... 3

    The sweetness of her voice takes me away..
    A paradise place where only her I see..
    and Me falling deep...... more »