• A Soldier Remembers

    That bitter night in Valley Forge stands above my other memories.
    ‘Twas winter, and the snowy winds whistled through the trees.
    Gathered ‘round a dying fire, soldiers shivered from the night chill.
    Few were sleeping; others keeping solemn vigil stood still.... more »

  • I Tried It All Until...

    Lost.... more »

  • I'M Smart

    I'm smart.
    I wish I wasn't.
    Yes, you heard me right.... more »

  • Not A Word

    He was falsely accused
    While Barabbas was excused.
    He bore sin’s awful heavy shame.
    Upon Himself, he took me blame.... more »

  • Pen Names

    I write simply
    yet in code.

    My story you have... more »

  • Quick! A Poem! !

    ... more »

  • The Unseen Battle

    You may hear the yelling; you may criticize the actions.
    You may see the temper rising and recoil at the reactions.
    But deep inside my frame, you don’t know what’s going on.
    You don’t see the battle waging between my flesh and the Son.... more »

  • Three Words

    Such simple words, yes. But, oh, how they bless!
    They tenderly soften hearts hardened by life.
    Strange how, though small, they are welcomed by all,
    Bringing smiles to faces and an end to strife.... more »

  • What Is Truth?

    “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! ” sounds the shout.
    The mob grows louder as Pilate comes out.
    The bound Man is led into the judgment hall
    To be interrogated and condemned before all.... more »

  • Without The Other

    The dazzling brightness of the morning sun;
    The frightening darkness of gloomy midnight.

    The inviting warmth of a cackling bonfire;... more »

  • Your Strongest Weapon

    Punch! Smack! Kick! Slap!
    It's amazing what the tongue can do.
    Slicing, stabbing, degrading, hating,
    Oh, yes! Words can hurt you!... more »