• After The Wedding

    Something lies somewhere:
    Thick and dark,
    Which aroma reaches all corners
    Of the streets.... more »

  • Blood

    From the restive
    And river terrains
    Of Okorenkoko
    And Oghulagha... more »

  • Blood On The Head

    No use naming names.
    They know.
    Those who played games
    With the future... more »

  • Greetings – For Nelson Mandela

    The lion does not ask to be king.
    Everyone knows he is.... more »

  • Nation Building

    Swimming in the muddy struggle
    Of academics;
    The fire in our eyes
    Consuming the... more »

  • Night Party

    We thought we would enjoy ourselves
    Round the clock from twelve to twelve
    In may, a few days to June.
    We were drawn out by the tune.... more »

  • The Candlelight

    Follow me inside Safarawu.
    Even though I know little of the north.
    Let us shut out the many eyes scrutiny.
    Let us shut them out again tonight.... more »

  • They Have Done A Lot

    They blow their own trumpets
    Through the tubes... more »

  • Transition

    The sun holding stubbornly
    To the even sky
    Like an unwanted regime
    That wants to preside for life.... more »

  • Who Cares

    The river runs from our hearts
    Through the busy streets.
    We see not its clear impurity.
    It is carrying venoms... more »

  • Woman Of The Sahara

    Born into a life
    Strongly built with the bricks
    Of customs and religion.
    Barricaded inside those walls... more »