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13.-We are the war and we are the refuge

"13.-We are the war and we are the refuge. The sky opens its mouth for you to hide your grenade. We wait for you throbbing like mines. Below and inside. Below and inside. Below and inside we are a sea of girls of ash. We are armed adolescents crossing the border. Master, maestro, what we are not told. Close us. Mount us and keep us alive."... more »

1.-Above our knives

"1.-Above our knives. May they come. May other masks recognized worldwide come to give you some prize. May they come disguised as volcano or jungle. As purified water. As telephone or thirst. May they come simulating possession of fuel and breathing. May minds unite with the disguise of presidency. Questions for girls. That life sustained in the codes. May he disguised as art come to kiss our petals. Our masks will lick their masks and we'll keep everything for ourselves. May that one come too, she disguised as light, and also that other, she disguised as rain."... more »


Escrito en coautoría con Rodrigo Flores Sánchez
No me terminas nunca: una torre








Has clavado mis piernas en la tierra

Mi tronco en la intemperie

Has dejado inconcluso mi dolor:


no me terminas nunca:... more »

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