As we transit this earth, we have no business building seemingly permanent structures. Mushroom structures we live in, and collapse would they as we move ahead.
life on earth is just a sojourn
'Hope is that wishful thought that makes one smile in the mist of tears'
attributed to all those suffering in life....
A brainwashed literate is more foolish than the worst illiterate
when one's pen takes him to fame; one should know how tame his ego
fame sometimes let writers forget themselves
The fact that one does all it takes for a successful farm does not automatically mean one will have a bumper harvest; Nature plays a part.
Nature (God) plays a role in our lives
Once we feel the bad of every good and the fall in every move, we become vigilant in every decision we take.
one should be careful of every move...
Twin has become Africa One brother dark, worse and with sinister mind As that of the devil Another Brother fair, good and with clear mind As that of the angel
Life can be very horrible If we watch it from a wrong angle