• Darla`s Poem

    Over the clouds
    Looking down on me
    My judgment clouded by my emotions
    Im sad and im hopeless... more »

  • Greygoose

    When you hear the name GreyGoose whats the first thing you think of...
    I think of...
    An angel cloaked in velvet
    skin bathed a brilliant white... more »

  • I Am

    I Am Human
    but not by choice
    I was but I wasn't born with my own voice
    I live in America... more »

  • Poets Soul

    Poets Soul
    Fashioned from gold
    When will the world know
    Relationship fading... more »

  • The Wall

    Block by block you set the foundation as most mothers do but, when I said that I lied because you are the exception to few who can do this and get it right and
    yes you've made mistakes but all humans do
    every one owns its own name anger, denial, love, hate, disbelief... more »

  • To My Bookie Bear

    ... more »

  • Uncertain

    My soul is bonded
    Her body folded
    Seeds planted
    My heart damaged... more »