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Six and one-half billion of us live here
mostly alone and most
will never see you,... more »


So we have this conversation about managing
our situation and agree that we'll get things under control
and we'll remember what it was like
when work didn't feel like stealing... more »

Still Life, With Footed Tub

Call me and say
I promise to be intrigued.
Vary the pitch of your... more »

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Xxx Xxx 02 Feb 2009 12:40
you know, i really believe that you can dream of me
Liz Thaugally 08 Apr 2008 04:52
Hi Don, I read your poem Olfactory Memory, and I like how you have conveyed the persistence of an old lover. It is very realistic, the smell lingering on the pillow is moving and beautiful. With mine, the poem is about the greif of losing the smell and therefore the memory. It was inspired by a short story that I had written, as this is primarily what I am better at doing. I am very new to poetry writing, but I am finding it a great source of comfort and inspiration to write, to read other's mavellous works, more so than my own, I just wonder how I lived lived without it! Thank you for your kind comments, and I shall write more, which hopefully will get better with practise! Lizelah.
Sílvia Oliveira 27 Feb 2008 05:23
Dear Don, Thanks for commenting on my 'Humanity' - I´ve always known that my ears are totally hard for music, but I can feel music is very present in my poems! And you felt it, too! I´ll read your poems, and for now I voted 10 for this one! Congratulations! Sílvia, from Brasil