Don Pearson Biography

No chronology, but here are facets:
Loving father and grandfather.
Moderately intelligent, extremely stupid, former systems analyst and former heroin addict.
I play squash, bridge, tennis and chess.
Depression and cluster headache.
I live overlooking the sea and beautiful Devon country.
Practical skills in cooking and with software but in nothing else.
Atheist and anarchist
I love trees.
I have a taste in music that ranges from Carter family, Woody Guthrie and Bessie Smith to Gillian Welch and Arcade Fire with stops at Mahler, Grateful Dead, John Martyn, Kathleen Ferrier, Massive Attack, Doors, Mozart, Van Morrison and Kosheen.
I love poetry by TS Eliot, Kipling, Thomas Hardy and a very long list of poets who make me wonder why I even bother to try to write.